Chocolate Tarts

Bite size tarts are perfect for any occasion. While these tarts could easily be filled with anything sweet or savory; we went for sweet. The secret to the simplicity of this recipe is the pre-packaged tart shells. (You can get these at your local grocer). Filled with a chocolate mousse mixture and topped with a fresh strawberry: these tarts are a real treat!


12 tart shells (prepared according to package and cooled)

1 box of chocolate jello pudding

2 cups of heavy cream

strawberries or mandarins for garnish



First prepare the tarts shells according to the package directions. Allow to cool. Next prepare the pudding according to directions; only substitute milk for heavy cream. You will need to work quickly once the pudding turned “mousse” has set. Put the mousse in a piping bag. If you don’t have a piping bag; a Ziploc bag with the tip snipped will work. Then begin filling your shells. Garnish with strawberries or mandarins. You can even dust some powdered sugar for extra sweetness. Enjoy!