Pear and Pepper Jelly Bagel

There is something wonderful about a warm, toasted bagel that resonates with.. well… Everyone! Pair it with cream cheese, capers, salmon, a poached egg: the list goes on and on… So here’s a new one to give a try!

Pear and pepperjelly

You could change up this pear to an Asian variety for some interesting color. Any sweet pear will do. The critical point to remember is to give the pears a squeeze of lemon juice. Then place on top of your delicious bagel. These are pretty enough and satisfying that you could even serve these for brunch. Feeling adventurous? Try grilling the pears to play up the smokey flavor of the jelly.

Pear and red pepper bagel

If you haven’t had red pepper jelly; fear not- it has a hint of spice. It’s subtle and pairs nicely with the pears. Simply toast your bagel, smear your cream cheese and add a tablespoon of red pepper jelly. Then add your pears and enjoy!



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